A California Benefit Corportation

1. 1% for the Planet: Each year, LUX shall contribute one percent (1%) of its annual net revenue to nonprofit charitable organizations that promote environmental conservation and sustainability, as more fully described below. Contributions shall consist of cash, products and services, and LUX’s expenses associated with administering its Environmental Grants Department, valued at LUX’s cost. For purposes of this specific public benefit purpose, “net revenue” means LUX’s total sales of goods and services and revenues from other operations, less returns, discounts and allowances:

  • Contributions shall be made by LUX directly, through one or more of its subsidiaries or through lux.la.
  • Contributions will be directed largely (but not exclusively) to smaller grassroots organizations that are approved by 1% for the Planet® and operate in markets where LUX and its subsidiaries conduct business (to facilitate vetting of grant recipients).
  • Recipients in the U.S. must be tax-exempt organizations registered by the IRS under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

2. Build the best products and cause no unnecessary harm to the planet or its inhabitants; the drive to zero footprint: We as humanity need to maintain a respectful and mutually beneficial relationship with the Earth’s natural ecosystems; which means, with little to no impact on Earth’s natural ecosystems via air, water, soil, sound and light pollution, and the over-exploitation of earth, plant and animal resources. As prescribed in LUX’s mission statement, as set forth in LUX’s articles of incorporation and incorporated herein by reference, LUX will strive to build the best products and cause no unnecessary harm to the planet or its inhabitants by: (i) designing and fabricating the highest quality products as defined by reliability/durability, multi-functionalism and non-obsolescence; (ii) designing, engineering and producing/fabricating products that are easily repaired and made from materials that can be reused or recycled; (iii) designing and fabricating products with minimum impacts throughout the supply chain—including resource extraction, manufacturing and transportation—on water use, water quality, energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, chemical use, toxicity and waste; and (iv) partnering with customers to take mutual responsibility for the life cycle of products, including repair, reuse and recycling.

  • LUX will rate the quality of its products, with quality defined and measured by reliability/durability, multi-functionalism and non-obsolescence, on a scale from 1-10, with 1 the least quality and 10 the highest, and then consistently produce products that average a rating of 8 or better. The index will be revised from time to time as innovation allows for improvement in the scale.
  • LUX accepts responsibility for its products from birth to rebirth, and will take back all used LUX products that customers return to its retail stores at no charge and, whenever feasible, facilitate the reuse or recycling of such products.
  • Plastics will only be used if it can be reused or recycled.

3. Conduct Operations Causing No Unnecessary Harm: As prescribed in LUX’s mission statement, LUX will conduct its operations causing no unnecessary harm by continually seeking to reduce the environmental footprint and impact of its operations in water use, water quality, energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, chemical use, toxicity and waste.

  • LUX will design and construct facilities that are energy and resource efficient using green building practices, including LEED certification.

4. Sharing Best Practices with Other Companies: As prescribed in LUX’s mission statement “to use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis,” LUX may share proprietary information and best practices with other businesses, including direct competitors, when the board of directors of LUX (the “board”) determines that doing so may produce a material positive impact on the environment.

5. Transparency: LUX will endeavor to provide information through the website and print catalogs that describe the environmental impact of representative items across our different product lines based on the best science and data practicably available.

  • LUX will educate its customers about the environmental impacts and benefits of its products.

6. Providing a Supportive Work Environment: LUX will strive to provide a supportive work environment and high quality healthcare through measures, including but not limited to, providing subsidized childcare, and periodically allowing employees to take extended paid time off from work to volunteer with nonprofit charitable organizations in support of initiatives promoting environmental conservation and sustainability.

  • Health insurance benefits are provided to all employees working at least 20 hours per week and made available their first day of work (instead of after a waiting period).
  • Eight weeks of paid leave is provided to mothers and fathers following the birth of their first two children and adoption of a child.
  • Annual tuition assistance to be provided to student employees enrolled in accredited college or community college programs, amounts and qualifying programs to be determined annually by the board.