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About Us


A California Benefit Corporation focused on technological development, enrichment and overall prosperity while maintaining a respectful and mutually beneficial relationship with Earth’s natural ecosystems; which means, with little to no impact on Earth’s natural ecosystems via air, water, soil, sound and light pollution, and the over-exploitation of earth, plant and animal resources.

Through high technology research and development, typically only used for space, aerospace, and military applications (non-weapon), we are engineering product and creating content for the use and enrichment of the modern age.

There is a special focus on Class 1 & Class 2 societies - the global “poverty level."* This focus is to engineer product and content for commonly agreed upon life necessities such as food, water, clothing, shelter, medical, education, and overall life enrichment.

LUX donates 1% of sales or 10% of profits, whichever is the greater, to causes that support our mission.

*Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World—and Why Things are Better Than You Think